Innovative Sensing - From Sensors to Methods and Applications 10-12 October 2018

General Information

Currency and Payment

The currency in Germany is Euro (EUR €). Credit cards like Visa and Mastercard are often accepted, also debit cards like Maestro are popular. Cash is accepted everywhere, many smaller stores only accept cash. ATMs accept credit and debit cards.


The electrical Voltage in Germany is 230 Volt. Plugs are type F (compatible with C and E).


Passport or ID card, please check your travel recommendations.


English is spoken by many people in Germany. Announcements in the trains are usually in German, sometimes in English.

Social Events

Ice breaker party and conference dinner.


EU Citizens do not need a visa to enter Germany. Citizens of many other countries don’t need a visa for visits up to 90 days. A list of countries can be found at the visa regulations of German Federal Foreign Office.


October in Karlsruhe can be very sunny, as Karlsruhe is one of the warmest places in Germany. Temperatures vary in general from 7°C/45ºF to 16°C/60ºF at day.


Free WiFi is provided at the Symposium and most places in Karlsruhe. Therefore connect your device to KA-WLAN or KA-sWLAN (SSID) and confirm with OK.

Beside this Eduroam (SSID) is available at KIT. Please note, to use Eduroam you need a user account from an affiliated university.