Innovative Sensing - From Sensors to Methods and Applications 10-12 October 2018


With a view to the new ISPRS commission structure, Technical Commission I Sensor Systems is concerned with the design, construction, characterization, calibration and use of imaging and non-imaging sensors, sensor systems and sensor networks for photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information science. This includes the development of new and innovative technological concepts, yet likewise models and methods to optimally exploit, calibrate and thoroughly evaluate new sensors, networks and single sensor components.

The recent years were characterized by rapid developments in various fields of sensor technology, design of smart sensor networks, small un-manned platforms (UAS) and new satellite imaging concepts or satellite constellations, respectively. This includes the sector of – often low-cost – industrial imaging sensors and likewise the development of highly sophisticated and specialized sensors for Earth Observation, thereby covering multiple modes of active or passive sensor technology and various scales of imaging.


  • Innovative and integrated UAS-oriented sensor and (small) platform concepts
  • Systems and methods for terrestrial and mobile mapping in complex indoor and outdoor environments
  • Small and low-cost active sensing (micro-LIDAR and -RADAR sensors)
  • Design and realization of sensors and constellations for digital aerial and spaceborne missions for Earth observation
  • Geometric and radiometric properties, quality standards, and factors affecting data quality
  • Benchmark definition, calibration and evaluation of imaging and non-optical imaging sensors
  • Integrated platform guidance, navigation, direct georeferencing (positioning and orientation) and integrated sensor orientation
  • On-board (pre-)processing and concepts for embedded systems

Further topics relevant for the symposium can be found in the Terms of Reference (ToR) of the following linked ISPRS Commission I Working Groups and ISPRS Intercommission Working Groups: